NAME: Golod Shlomo


DATE OF DEATH: February 10, 1980

Shlomo, son of Yehuda and Miriam, was born 1922 in the town of  Kuritz, Ukraine. His parents had a wine-shop, later a grocery store. His mother worked outside the home and raised their four children. The house was religious. Yehuda was a synagogue gabbai, and maintained a national-Zionist education at home. The family made aliya legally from Odessa, 1925. As a student Shlomo was active in the Scouts then the Haganah. He joined the Palmach as a youth, going on assignments, several days at a time. His parents’ home served as a central point for persons from Kuritz. Years later, when Shlomo joined Lehi, their home became a safe-refuge for wanted Lehi members and a focal point of activity. Its backyard contained a weapons cache. Miriam helped in her children’s activity:  she made paste for the posters, and hid Lehi members. The family experienced a narrow escape on ‘Black Saturday’, when British soldiers penetrated their home, searching for hidden weapons. Daughter Rivka’s boyfriend (future husband) Amnon Michaeli, participated in the Akko Prison breakout, was captured and sentenced for hanging. This was later converted to life-imprisonment.  Avraham Ben-Har, another Lehi  Akko escapee, was hiding in their home at the time. Shlomo recruited sympathizers and volunteers for help in whatever Lehi required. He completed studies in 1940 at Herzliya High School, Tel Aviv. Moving to Jerusalem, he studied philosophy for a year – Hebrew University-  and was accepted for Law School there. He became an attorney-at-law, with the end of the British Mandate. In 1948 Shlomo joined the IDF, with the other Lehi members. In 1954 he married Rivka Zeidman. During 30 years he worked as an independent attorney till 1979, when his illness worsened. Among other things he was active in the General Zionists Association and  member of the ‘Yeshurun’ Synagogue, Tel Aviv. Broadly educated and very knowledgeable, he read avidly. Shlomo enjoyed stamp-collecting, nature walks and fossil-searching. He remained active in the Civil Guard until his passing.

Shlomo and Rivka had two daughters, a son, and two grandchildren.

Shlomo passed away on February 10,1980.