Moshe, the son of Haim and Leah, was born in 1918 in Warsaw, Poland in a mixed Jewish and Christian working class area. When he was about half-a-year old he lost his mother. 

     From a very young age he was politically involved. Despite the fact that his father was religious, he joined the Pioneer youth movement. However, once he arrived at the conclusion that a Jewish state had to be established, he moved to Beitar. He was active in the Moranov Beitar cell. One of his instructors was Nathan Yelin-Mor, a future member of the Lehi Center. 

     Moshe made aliya in 1939 aboard the Parita, within the framework of the Af-Al-Pi Aliya Bet of Beitar and Etzel, and joined Beitar in Rehovot. During the split in Etzel he joined Lehi. He moved to Tel Aviv and was active in intelligence and logistical operations, such as transporting weapons, and finding places of refuge for wanted fighters. Zelig Jacque, who was killed by officer Morton in 30 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, was one of his friends.

     In 1950 Moshe married Betty Wenig, a native of Poland, and they had two sons, Haim and Yair, and seven grandchildren.

     After the establishment of the State he engaged in trading bags and wallets. He was active in the public sector as a member of the Herut movement, and in one of the electoral campaigns appeared on the Knesset party list. He was also active in the Free Center movement.

     In his late years he returned to work in the Likud movement and was an executive member of the Founders Generation Group.

     Moshe and Betty were among the founders of the Herut Residency in Ramat Gan and he was active in city affairs.

     Moshe passed away at the age of 81 on July 23, 2000.