NAME: Golan Ofra, née Mizrachi


DATE OF DEATH: June 29, 2019

Ofra, daughter of Marco and Pnina, was born in Tel Aviv 1930. She graduated from elementary school and received a partial secondary education. She discontinued her studies to join Lehi. At first she was active in the Youth Division under the leadership of Idit, and afterwards moved on to recruiting new members and contacts with supporters. At the same time, she was involved with diverse political organizations as instructed by Lehi. In July 1948 Ofra joined the IDF like most Lehi members, and was assigned to the 82nd Battalion of the 8th Brigade. She was not accepted for officers training because of her Lehi past and served in the Culture and Welfare Branch. As part of her duties she maintained contact with Lehi members wounded during battles of the battalion and  the brigade. Before  elections for the First Knesset  Lehi  undertook establishing a political party, the ‘Fighters Party’, partly to free Natan Yelin-Mor from prison. Several Lehi people, including Hagai Eshed and Ofra Golan, were subsequently released from the IDF to prepare the groundwork for establishing a party. Their task was to aquire 7500 signatures of  Party backers, essential for establishing  a Political Party to run for elections. It was no easy task convincing people to sign on, openly supporting Lehi’s party, after Bernadotte’s assassination. In 1951 Ofra married Meir Golan (Sharon), a Lehi man. During 1952-1969 the family resided in Haifa and Ofra completed her academic studies, working as a teacher and guidance counsellor. The couple’s three children were born in Haifa. In the years 1969-1995 the family lived in Beersheba, and Ofra continued  her work in education, supervising secondary education counselling services in the Southern Region. She was also a teaching staff member of the education department at Ben-Gurion University. During 1984-1988  Ofra was sent to Paris as a representative on an education related mission. From 1988 until her retirement she served as the Ministry of Education’s elementary schools supervisor, Southern Region. In 1995 she retired and returned to Tel Aviv. She’s presently active in public organizations concerning the environment, quality of government, and  promotion of women in politics.  Her husband Meir, passed away in 1979.The family has three children, Dekel, Dafna and Noga, plus eight grandchildren.