NAME: Glick Tova, née Nachmani


DATE OF BIRTH: December 15, 1931

DATE OF DEATH: April 25, 2018

Tova was born on December 15,1931 in Haifa to Pnina and Avraham. She studied at the ‘Mizrahi’ School for girls, and then in ‘Bama’aleh’ evening school. She was a member of the Haifa Scouts. As a youngster educated in the national-Jewish tradition and keenly aware of what was taking place in the country at the time, she joined Lehi in 1947 aged 16. In accordance with the standing  procedure, she was assigned to the Youth Division and sent to paste info-bulletins throughout the city. On one such occasion, a British police patrol arrested her, detained her in the ‘Kishleh’ of downtown Haifa, and sent her on to the Bethlehem Women’s Prison. She spent two months in the young prisoners ward, until release due to her young age. She was put under house arrest and had to appear at the police station daily, and later weekly. The police sometimes verified, middle of the night, if she was home. After the UN Resolution Partitioning the country into a Jewish and an Arab state, the Riots which followed, and the establishment of the State and the IDF, Tova was still too young to enlist. Meanwhile she continued her activities within the youth section of the ‘Fighters Party’, organized by veteran Lehi members at the time. After assassination of the Swedish mediator Count Folke Bernadotte in Jerusalem, she was sent to put up ‘Fighters Party’ info-bulletins in Hadar- Hacarmel  Haifa, and was arrested by the Israeli Authorities who had branded Lehi as an illegal movement. Under arrest, she was asked to testify at the trials of Nathan Yellin-Mor and Matityahu Schmuelevitch, the Lehi leaders arrested in connection with the Bernadotte affair. After her release she joined the IDF, underwent a Signals Course, and served as a signaler in Ramleh, at the IDF Central Command.

In 1953 she married Zvi Berkovitch Glick. They have a son, a daughter, and ten grandchildren. Tova worked continuously in El Al during 27 years: as an IBM keypunch operator, and later in assigning and scheduling crew personnel on flights.  Tova now lives with her family in Cochav-Yair.