Moshe Haim, was born on April 13,1926 in Manhattan, only son of Russian immigrant Natan’el, and American Lina née Og. His father was in real estate. His parents made aliya with their son in 1932, motivated by Zionism. They lived on Rothschild Blvd Tel-Aviv, and owned a house and an orchard. Moshe studied at Balfour, Tahkemoni, and Bilu schools, and went to ‘Geula’ High School. He belonged to the local ‘Ha’eda Scouts’ (observant). In 1942, while participating at his high-school’s voluntary work camp on a kibbutz, Moshe contracted polio and was kept  home for a year. He continued his studies at ‘Haskala Gordon’   High School. At the end of WWII  he went to study radio technology at the  RCA School New York. Due to his father’s illness, he returned home for a while and had a miraculous escape, when a bullet fired by British troops at pamphlet distributors, pierced his hat, just missing his head.  He returned to the US and met young Israeli Lehi activists there: Herzl Eliav, Boaz Evron, Tsfoni Shomron, Binyamin Gepner, and some young NY activists. He joined Lehi in 1947. The comrades called him Moish. He was distributing campaign material, did weapons training, collected weapons and drove his friends.  He was responsible for a weapon storage location, and specialized in handling gelignite, an explosive material which he packed camouflaged, and sent out to Lehi cells in other countries. He camouflaged a radio transmitter as ‘Medical Equipment’, so it would reach Eretz Yisrael. He and  others participated in a summer camp in New Jersey, held in a cabin placed at their disposal by a Lehi supporter, where they heard  ideology lectures, trained in light weapons and learned Hebrew songs. Moshe acted diligently in dedication and  loyalty, spurned by his faith and will to establish the Jewish State in Israel. With the conquest of Um-Rashrash in 1949, Moshe returned to Israel. He worked at  engineer’s level for one year at Max Fine High School, and also instructed electronics classes. For a time he worked as a  radio technician in ‘Ampa’, then became self-employed. During 1975-1976 he worked in a South African Pretoria company, producing television antennas. When he returned to Israel he worked in the ‘Panorama’ electronics company until retirement  at 1992.

In 1952 Moshe married Nira Birnboim, special education teacher. They have three children and eight grandchildren.