Ahuva was born in Yemen in 1930 to Nathan and Dera. She made aliya in 1937 with her family through Aden and Egypt.

She joined Beitar when she was a student and when she was 15, she joined Lehi. As an adolescent she distributed underground leaflets and newspapers in the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and Holon. She participated in youth courses in the orchards of Ra’anana and   Petah-Tikva. Because she was  on the verge  of   arrest  by the British, this  forced  her to be  away  from home frequently  for  days and  even  weeks.

She attended the youth camp at Ramat Yair (Sheikh Munis) in preparation  for  enlistment  in the IDF. During her military service she served as a combat paramedic in Commando Battalion 89 of the  Armored Corp’s  8th Brigade. She remained with the Battalion during all of its   battles   during   the War of Independence.

After her discharge from the IDF, she moved with a group of friends to Kibbutz Afikim in order to acquire  agricultural training. This group afterwards established Kibbutz Neve Yair in the western Negev, on the Gaza border. During her  service  in the Reserves, she instructed new immigrants in the Ma’abarot (temporary housing camps).

In 1952 she married Moshe Gilfix, her boyfriend from the period when Lehi was integrated into the IDF. Ahuva and Moshe have two daughters and five grandchildren.