NAME: Gershon David

LEHI ALIAS: Miki, Yoram

DATE OF BIRTH: November 16, 1929

David Gershon, son of Yaakov, was born in Turkey on Tuesday, November 16, 1929. He immigrated to Israel with his family in 1941. He studied at the Megdiel youth village. At the age of 16 in 1945, he was recruited to the Lehi underground by Pinchas Ginossar. He lived in Jaffa with Yeffet, another Lehi member. He was a fighter in Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv, under the command of Yaakov Grenek “Dov”. On April 9, 1946, he was arrested in Jaffa together with his friends who came with him from Turkey: Avraham Ayalon and Aaron Adato, as suspected underground members, and was detained in the Latrun and Atlit camps until 1948. He participated in Rabbi Levin’s classes at the Latrun camp and upon his release received assistance from the Rabbi. His underground activity continued until the dissolution of Lehi and his enlistment to the IDF on 29.05.1948 to the 8th Brigade, 89th Battalion. He received the Lehi badge. In 1953, he married Razia Gershon, who was also a member of Lehi. Razia and David Gershon had two children, Noga and Boaz, and grandchildren.