NAME: Gadasi Aharon

DATE OF BIRTH: August 1927

DATE FALLEN: July 17, 1948

Aharon,  son of Yephet and Miriam, was born on August 1927 in the remote village of Hotsan, Yemen. His father was a traveling merchant  selling groceries, while his mother was a dressmaker. He lost his  father  when he was only six. His mother continued his father’s business, wandering from village to village. When she  would return, Aharon helped in the store thus  helping  to support the family. Customary to Yemenite Jewish tradition, Aharon studied from the age of five with a “Mori” (a children’s tutor).

When he was 15, his mother decided to make aliya. After many adventures they reached Aden. They resided  for about eighteen months at a refugee camp. Aharon served as the camp guard.

In 1942 Aharon made aliya with the Youth Aliya and  settled at Marmorek village, near Rehovot.  His older brothers who had immigrated before him, resided there. He experienced  severe  absorption  difficulties and unemployment. Aharon worked in the orchards and later, at the  Beit-Naballa British camp. He served for a year as a Jewish settlement policeman up north. After returning  home  he  assisted his mother at her store.

He joined Lehi in 1943, taking part in various  operations. He was active mainly  in the central region and  Rehovot, and specialized in demolition.

When Lehi was integrated in the IDF Aharon  enlisted and was assigned to Company A of Commando Battalion 89 of the 8th Brigade. He fought with his comrades in  Operation Danny at  Kola, Tira, Beit-Naballa and Lod.

He deployed with his battalion to the Southern Front and there he fell  during the battle  which took place at the village of  Kartiya, on July 17 1948. Kartiya was taken but he did not live to  see  this victory.

Aharon was laid to rest at the Rehovot Cemetery.


הנצחה באנדרטה ביער לח”י במשמר איילון
שמו של אהרן גדסי חרוט על לוח באנדרטה ביער לח”י
לבנת זיכרון על שם אהרן גדסי בהיכל הזיכרון הממלכתי בהר הרצל