NAME: Gavrieli (Bril) Eitan Shlomo


DATE OF BIRTH: July 21,1925

Eitan was born on July 21,1925 in Chernovich  Bukovina to  Dvora and David, then renamed Shlomo . He received an observant  Jewish education and studied at a local school. In 1942 he joined  and became active in Beitar. He made Aliyah 1944, worked at Kibbutz Ma’abarot,  resigned and joined Lehi. He underwent weapons/ideology courses and was sent on assignments against the British. He also participated in firing at a British armored vehicle during a confiscation operation, and  preparing  car-bombs sent to the Sarona Base  which severely damaged BRITISH HQ, and to Jaffa, destroying the Saraya building, where many gang leaders and members were killed. Eitan participated in the acquisition operations at Holon military base, the detonation of the CID building on the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa road, where he blocked the Jaffa Street to prevent  arrival of British backup, and in acquiring weapons at the “Kalaniyot” Camp on Tel-Aviv beach, as one of the fighters who  broke  in. He was wounded by a British bayonet. He also de-routed a train and more. Eitan instructed youth groups, was chief weapons-stores person of the Central region, participated in the “Hikon” operations, whose men left  daily to blow-up Arab sniper positions along Jaffa’s border. He suffered a head injury in Abu-Khabir from  grenade fragments, when he ordered blowing-up  an Arab position firing towards Herzl Street. After establishment of the IDF he joined the 8th Brigade’s  82nd Battalion, commanding a mortar platoon. He participated in the Battalion’s battles. Later he was transferred to the 89th Battalion (Commando) and participated in its battles. He witnessed  the horrific  massacres of Israeli soldiers’ bodies, committed by the Jordanian Legion. When the battles were over, he joined the Air Force, until discharge in 1951.  He worked at senior positions in  “Rasko” til 1965 and managed a sub-company for fashion products (Glovis). Shlomo married Ruth Feldberg 1960 and they had a son, Amiran, and a granddaughter.

In 1966 he assisted his father in his Wool ניפוץ   factory  two years. Between 1968 – 1973 he managed hair fashion factories. After the Yom Kippur War he became administrative manager of an insurance company;1977-1980  he served as Comptroller and  Finance Manager of Kfar-Hamaccabia. Between 1980-1988 he served as the manager of the Israeli Branch of “Fabarge”. Then till 1995 he worked in senior positions in a …… company.