Kariel was born on April 15,1921 in Budapest Hungary, to Alexander and Margarita, an assimilated Jewish family. He completed high school in Budapest. With the outbreak of WWII he was taken by the Nazis to forced labour and sent with thousands of Jews, 1944, to the Yugoslavian Bur Copper mine, in concentration camp conditions. Near war’s end, the labourers were forced on a Death March in the Serbian mountains and executed. He was among the dozen survivors who escaped. After war’s end, he returned to Budapest and discovered his parents and most of his family were murdered by the Nazis. Gardosh enrolled in University, studied Philosophy and French and worked as journalist. After a year he left Hungary  with his wife, and escaped to France. He  contacted Lehi’s French Bureau, underwent light-weapons courses, and campaigned. He participated in the operations of Fighter Betti Knotte and studied caricature-drawing, then illustrated Lehi’s info-material. He sent some of his works, signed “Charles”, to Israel for publication in “Hama’as”. Kariel and his wife made Aliyah beginning 1948. He was accepted for work in the Warriors’ Party paper, “Hamivrak”, creating political caricatures, until imprisoned, following Bernadotte’s assassination. After release, he worked as  illustrator and graphic editor for “Ha’olam-Ha’zeh” Weekly, under the pseudonym “Dosh”. He joined  ”Ma’ariv” Newspaper 1953, creating a daily political caricature about current events. His young character “Srulik” epitomised Zionist Israeli character, the innocent  confident spirit of the time. Writing articles, stories, and plays for stage and radio he published thirteen books, plus caricature books, prose, and philosophy. Kariel was awarded the Herzl, Nordau, and Jabotinsky Awards. and became Cultural Attache at the Israeli Embassy London, 1981. Upon return, he served as member of the Broadcasting Authority’s executive board,  worked for the newspapers “Ma’ariv” and “Jerusalem Post”, and illustrated children’s books. Kariel designed the “Beit-Yair” logo. He was honoured as Tel-Aviv’s Esteemed Citizen. During the State’s 50-year celebrations, his beloved “Srulik” was selected to decorate the official State stamp. Kariel passed away February 28,2000. He left behind his life-companion, actress Tova Pardo, two children Dani and Miki, and three grandchildren.