NAME: Ganor Esther nee Mechtinger



DATE OF DEATH: February 10, 2011

Esther was born in Kilza  Poland to Miryam and Shmaryahu, in Hanukkah 1926. Her older sister was named Sarah.The family owned a factory, and were well off. At the end of 1932 her nationalist Zionist parents decided to make Aliyah. They brought most of their property with them, but much remained in Poland and exists to this day. The family settled in Tel-Aviv, where Esther and her sister studied at Balfour School and  played the piano. Esther joined the  Scouts, then afterwards  the “Ha’eda” (observant) Scouts. Aged 14 she joined Hagannah. After three years she realised  this  was  not the direction and way, and she joined the Tuviya group of Lehi. She guarded during  operations, helped print  the “La-esh” newspaper, which was put out by Tuvia’s group. She learned how to use weapons, and studied the underground’s ideology. During one of their operations she met Ya’acov Ganor (Greenberg), who was to become her husband. Her parents were sympathetic to the underground’s activities. They hosted  fugitive and wounded members in their home; they helped store weapons and various materials during the most dangerous of times. Many found a warm shelter in their household. After establishment of the Jewish State, Esther joined the IDF and served in the Air Force. Her boyfriend Ya’acov was severely injured during the underground operation at the Haifa oil refineries, and was outlawedהיה  לבלתי לגלי; Esther took care of him throughout.  In 1950 they were married, set up a household, and had two children. Daughter Orna is a school principle and  Education Counsellor. Son Tamir is an electrical and electronics engineer. They have six grandchildren, of whom two are IDF officers. Ya’acov lived to see only three of his grandchildren. He passed away on September 19,1987. His grandson Dan was named after Ya’acov’s nom –de-guerre.

Esther volunteered in Magen David Adom  (Israeli  Red Cross) for 35 years, undergoing  MDA courses. She volunteered at the blood-donors’  association. A music-lover, she developed her voice and participated in choirs and musical ensembles. Her interests include literature, Bible, history, and politics.

Esther passed away on February 10, 2011.