Aviva was born on June 30,1932 in Tel-Aviv, to  Rivka and  Nachman. Her father was involved in acquiring weapons from Arabs for the Etzel and Lehi undergrounds; their home in the Neve-Sha’anan neighbourhood was open for the underground fighters. She studied at Mizrachi Girls’ School, and then Echad Ha’am High School in Tel-Aviv. Aviva joined Beitar. In 1946 Aviva joined Lehi, during the period of the Hebrew Revolt Movement. While at the Youth division, under legendary Leah (Ariela) Prisant, she put up info- bulletins .  In Ariela’s “Cell” they received a first intelligence training. Aviva was then transferred to Department Six, (Intelligence), and carryied out surveillance of British Police and Army officers. During one operation,  she was following  British Officer Dorn, who lived in the German quarter, on the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa road. Her surveillance details helped Lehi track and assassinate Dorn. Although younger than  military conscription age, she joined the IDF on May 29,1948. With other Lehi girls, she participated in a truck and jeep drivers’ course at Tsrifin Base; she afterwards volunteered with her friend Dvora Sinyor, to serve at the Potash Plant Base in Sodom, disconnected from the rest of the country, and reachable only by air. Aviva worked as a secretary at Leumi Bank and at Barclay’s Bank. Her work at the Soldiers’ Support Association terminated when her Lehi service record surfaced. For a long while she worked at WIZO Women’s Union, and later at the “Transclal” company. She was married to former Etzel member El’azar, who’d been imprisoned at Latrun. Aviva has a son and daughter: Ya’acov Shulman –  LtCol in the IDF -, and Orna Vinograd, who works in Bank Leumi, plus three grandchildren. Her many hobbies include writing  poetry  particularly poems about the motherland poems and stories about strange encounters she’s experienced. In the public sphere, she fought corruption wherever she worked.