Yehuda, son of Avraham and Tamima born on February 1929 in Tel-Aviv, was the second son to parents who’d emigrated from Russia 1921 to participate in the Hebrew nation’s revival in its homeland. They established the first sausage/smoked-meat plant in Israel. Yehuda was born and raised in a neighbourhood bordering Arab Jaffa; he studied in the Commercial High School, then at Tackemoni School. The family moved to Ramat Hasharon 1943 and established an agricultural farm. In his youth Yehuda dreamt of joining Lehi without knowing that older brother Shraga had joined 1940. Shraga  recruited him. In Lehi he participated in surveillance over British officers, and  pasting up info-bulletins. During anactivity he escaped a British armoured vehicle firing at him. He was involved in funding related activities and procurement. At the outbreak of the War of Indendence, he participated in  demolishing houses in Jaffa, in the attack on the Abu-Khabir region, patrols in Kfar Yazur with “Tall Blonde Dov”, and the conquest of Bir-Adas and Gissar-el Zarka .Yehuda and his friend Yonathan were picked to drive a train wagon  bearing  explosives intended to blow-up in Jaffa, but the plan never materialised. He instructed Lehi members in field training  at Sheikh-Monis. When Lehi joined the IDF, Yehuda was put in charge of an armoured track vehicle in the 89th Battalion of the 8th Armoured Corps  Brigade, comprised primarily of Lehi fighters; he participated in nearly all its battles. He suffered a serious intestinal injury in the battle of Beit-Neballa, and was hit by a bullet in his leg, in the battle of Uja-el-Hafir. During the battle of the Iraq-Souidan  Police  Post, Yehuda and his track vehicle crew  headed the storming attack. When the fighters reached the Police station wall, they blew it up causing the Egyptians to  surrender. Yehuda has a farm in Ramat-Hasharon where he’s served in key public positions. For this he’s received the Ramat Hasharon Worthy Citizen stature, and an Agriculture Recognition. Yehuda co-ordinated the “Hatchiya” branch during Knesset elections.  Yehuda married Nechama  Bermatz; son Yariv is a Reserves Second Lt.  – Signals Corps. Son  Aviam,  a Lt. in the Paratroops, was severely injured during the Yom Kippur War in the Golan Heights. Daughter Na’ama, also an IDF officer, is a leading archaeologist; youngest son, Yair,is a Reserves Sergeant in the Paratroops.