Shraga was born on June 22,1926 in Tel-Aviv to Avraham and Tamima, who’d emigrated from Russia 1921. He graduated Commerce  High-School  1943, having joined Etzel 1940. When Etzel split  he joined Yair. Shraga remained in Lehi throughout the bitter persecutions of both British and Hebrew authorities. He moved to Ramat-Hasharon 1943, where the family established a farm, and was active in the Sharon Lehi section. He was integrated into the Intelligence dept. His English mastery contributed greatly to translating  and understanding  enemy documents, then counterfeiting them when required for operations. In 1945, he took part in the open objection to British officers’ search for illegal immigrants at Kibbutz Shfayim, and volunteered to translate a proposal by the Regional Commander, to the British Paratroopers’ Brigadier. He changed the Commander’s words to say: “Just as we have no business in England, you have no business in our homeland. Get out or we’ll kick you out!” He was arrested, and imprisoned two weeks in Latrun. In 1945 he was placed in charge of Department Six (Tel-Aviv and Central region)  and supplied the Ops Branch intelligence that enabled  detonating  British HQ  in the Sarona and Jaffa Intelligence Buildings, disconnecting British military underground phone lines, detonating charges in Military bases and more. In some of these operations he also paticipated. In 1947 he was sent to establish an intelligence base up North, a region Hagannah members controlled . He fulfilled his mission escaping  many Hagannah ambushes . In 1950 he joined Yonatan Ratosh’s Hebrew Revival Movement. With establishment of the State, he joined the IDF and participated in Givati Brigade’s battles; he was discharged 1953 ranking Captain.  Shraga was recruited to the “Ma’arachot” journal in 1950 , for researching Israel’s military battle history, and continued this  work at General Staff HQ’s History Dept 1968- 1991. He wrote and published novels, stories and wrote numerous popular series in the spirit of Lehi, for the young reader, under his pseudonym Avner Carmeli. His books were considered to have impacted and shaped national consciousness awareness and Israeli culture for generations of readers. Shraga has three children and seven grandchildren.