NAME: Friedlander Amitzur

LEHI ALIAS: Mordechai

DATE OF BIRTH: 22 August, 1931

DATE OF DEATH: 29 May, 1998

Amitzur Friedlander, son of Leah and Zvi was born on August 22nd, 1931. Amitzur attended Tachcamoni school and believed in the ideals of the revisionist movement. In 1946, under the influence of his childhood friend Zvi Tal “Yizhar”, he joined the activities of the Youth Dvision of Lehi in Hadera.

Together with Zvi Tal, he took part in the operation to plant landmines and detonate British vehicles near Hadera. He also hung posters and distributed propaganda material in mailboxes and public sites. He operated also in Magdiel and Ra’anana. Amitzur was taken from his home, beaten and interrogated about his activities in Lehi, and after a few hours he was returned home. At the time he was taken, his parents went to the British police. When he returned, he was required to report to the police station and was questioned about the incident. Amitzur was released, but he was placed under house arrest and was forbidden from leaving from nightfall until sunrise, and he had to report to the police once a day.  Among his commanders were Moshe Rozner “Ben Menachem”, Yehoshua (Becker) Israeli “Hanania”, Nissim Gershon “Zidkiyahu”.

He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge. Amitzur died on Wednesday May 29th, 1998 and was laid to rest in the old cemetery in Hadera.