NAME: Freiman Menahem


DATE OF BIRTH: March 19, 1923

DATE OF DEATH: September 19, 1970

Menahem, son of Catriel and Hannah was born on March 19,1923 in Lodz, Poland. He lost his mother at a young age. The family was in difficult financial straits, but he never complained.

He joined a Beitar cell in 1937 together with his friends. They were all very young and full of life, still in school. Their dedication to the movement was considerable; they spent all their free time in the clubhouse of the cell.

He joined the illegal Aliyah Bet program under the auspices of Beitar, Af al Pi, and he was lucky to be selected for it, arriving for Passover 5699. As with other Beitar members from Lodz, he joined the Rosh Pina Beitar company. Later he joined IZL, along with other members from Lodz. When the split occurred, he moved on to Lehi. He was known for his character and cool temperament; he was not easily caught up in his emotions.

He was swept up in the mass arrests, and he was one of the 251 first exiled to Africa on 19 October 1944. He was detained first at Sembel (near Asmara, Eritrea), then Carthago (Sudan), then back to Eritrea and finally Gilgil (Kenya).

Menahem kept himself busy as the camp tailor, even though he had never done this before. This proved an amazing boon for his fellow detainees, as he could provide them with the most necessary articles. They had been exiled suddenly, without their being allowed to take anything with them. Until they received clothing (mostly from Latrun), after many weeks, they had no choice but to wear whatever clothing they had on the night they were deported from the Land of Israel. Since they had no other materials, they began to take apart mattresses, and Menahem managed to manufacture the most necessary articles from them. Later, some of the other detainees helped, but Menahem stuck to this occupation until he was released. He also contributed in other ways as well.

Menahem was returned to Israel among the last of the exiles, on 12 July 1948, after seven years of detainment in Israel and abroad.

In the War of Independence, Menahem enlisted in the IDF, serving from 1948 to 1950. He joined the Lehi kibbutz, Neve Yair, until it was disbanded.

In 1957, he married Yehudit from the Ein Vered settlement, establishing their home there. At first, he was a work supervisor in a construction company. Afterwards, he worked on the farm. In 1970, he bought a truck, and with his partners, he opened a transportation company.

Menahem died of cancer, after much suffering, on September 19,1970.

He left behind his wife Yehudit, and two children, Yair and Anat.