NAME: Freidman, Moshe

DATE OF BIRTH: April 7, 1927

DATE OF DEATH: January 12, 2000

Moshe was born in Jabłoń, Poland in 1927, to Ita and Tzvi Dov. The family was fervently Haredi, with five brothers and four sisters. He underwent agricultural training, in preparation for aliyah. In 1930, the family received certificates, and the parents made aliyah with their four children. They settled in Haifa, then in Bnei Brak. In Bnei Brak, they had a poultry store. Moshe was sent to Yeshivat Sefat Emet of the Gerrer Hasidim in Jerusalem.

Moshe joined Lehi together with other yeshiva classmates. He moved to Tel Aviv, so that he could be more active in Lehi. A short time afterwards, he was arrested and sent to Latrun. At the same time, his brother Yaakov, who was an IZL member, already was in Latrun. The family tried to help their sons. Because they were very religious, they were able to receive kosher food from home, and his parents brought enough for the other youths as well. Moshe was freed from Latrun after a number of months. He returned to activity in the underground and was arrested again. The second time, he spent longer in prison.

His parents had a weapons cache in their home. Moshe took part in the attack on the Kfar Syrkin Airfield and he provided security during operations in the Tel Aviv area.

Together with the other Lehi members, he joined the IDF and served in Battalion 89. He took part in the Auja el-Hafir attack, where he lost many friends. He is remembered by his comrades as a lively and jovial companion, very sociable and a true friend.

With his demobilization, he decided to return to his parents’ poultry store. In 1959, he married Miriam Amiel. In the meantime, he learned the trade of diamond-polishing, but he suffered from a serious illness for a long time, confining him to his home.

Moshe and Miriam had two sons and a daughter, as well as two grandchildren. Moshe passed away in Tel Aviv on January 12, 2000. Moshe was buried in the Zikhron Meir Cemetery.