NAME: Franco, Yitzhak



DATE FALLEN: June 4, 1948

Yitzhak was born in Turkey in 1930 to Yosef and Rosa. His father was a rabbi and kosher butcher, while his mother was a homemaker. The family would move from city to city and town to town due to his father’s occupation in the Jewish community. His father passed away when Yitzhak was still a young boy, and the family was left with no income.

In 1944, at age fourteen, Yitzhak took part in the youth aliyah, and he was educated in Magdiel (now Hod HaSharon). There he soon joined Lehi.

Due to his underground activity, he was expelled from the school in Magdiel; he moved in with his sister Sarah, who had made aliyah in 1942 and lived in Kfar Saba.

Yitzhak kept his secrets well, and no one in his family knew of his Lehi activity; moreover, he warned them not to ask or track his movements. He dedicated all of his heart and soul to the underground. He was trained in weapons and took part in combat operations, as well as putting up posters and disseminating underground materials.

He was killed on June 4,1948, on his way back from a pre-enlistment seminar for Lehi members who were joining the IDF, held in south Tel Aviv. As he was returning to his home in the Sharon, he was killed by Egyptian warplanes on a bombing run. He was eighteen.

Yitzhak was buried in the military section of the Kfar Saba Cemetery. On his headstone, his Lehi friends engraved Yair’s song, Anonymous Soldiers, the Lehi anthem.