NAME: Fox Menachem-Moshe


DATE OF BIRTH: 26 February, 1929

DATE OF DEATH: 18 July, 1991

Menachem Fox, son of Gershon, was born on February 26th, 1929 and made aliya in 1936. In 1947 he joined the Operations Division of the Lehi Underground under the command of Meir Greenblatt “the Hasid”. In April 1948, he joined the Combat Green Division at Sheikh Monis. Among his commanders was Ya’akov Grenek “Dov”. After the declaration of independence, he enlisted in the IDF with many Lehi members on May 29, 1948 and joined the 8th Brigade. From there he moved to serve in the Navy. He received the State Warriors badge. He married Leah Rubenenko. Menachem died on July 18th, 1991 and was laid to rest in Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv.