Yaffa was born in 1928 in Haifa to Penina and Avraham Nachmani. She studied in Mizrahi Girls School, absorbing love for the People and Land of Israel. Even as a schoolgirl, she would follow the news of Lehi’s struggle against the British, with which she identified. Finally, she took a stand and joined Lehi herself.

As with many other youths, her first mission in the youth division was to put up posters and distribute the newspaper HaMaas throughout Haifa, along with other promotional materials. This was done in the late evenings. Such activity was quite dangerous, as underground members had to expose themselves to the public. British policemen and detectives would arrest them, and Hagana members would beat them.

Yaffa was known to everyone as a serious, responsible girl, dedicated in heart and soul to the movement and its goals. She was happy to fulfill any role they assigned her, despite the personal peril. She also recruited her sister Tova, who was three years younger. Yaffa was sent to observe various British police and army targets in order to plan operations against them. She was even part of the attack on the small station in the French Carmel neighborhood, near Stella Maris, where the British paratroopers were posted — the Kalaniot, as they were known for their red berets. Together with her comrades, Yaffa threw grenades at the camp. She demonstrated boundless courage and dedication. She also was part of the Haifa Railway Workshops attack, laying mines.

After this intensive activity, the British began to suspect her. She had to leave her parents’ home and go underground. She started sleeping away from home, by her underground friends, which prevented her from getting arrested.

After the Partition Plan was announced, the Arabs launched attacks on the Yishuv throughout the country. The Hagana, IZL and Lehi worked together against the Arabs, and Yaffa joined these operations. After the State and IDF were established, she enlisted and served in the 8th Brigade throughout the war.

Afterwards, she married David Pollack and they had three children (one daughter passed away). They have six grandchildren. For many years, Yaffa worked in the offices of the Haifa Oil Refinery.