NAME: Feivel, Pesach and Hildegarde


DATE OF BIRTH: דצמבר 1895

DATE OF DEATH: 8.1.1949

Pesach was born in Berlin in December 1895 to Yehuda Leib, a descendant of those who had been banished from Spain, and Paulina (Pia). He studied in Berlin. The family had a textile factory. He was a learned man and music expert, a speaker and journalist. He was one of the first major figures of Zionism in Germany and a founder of the Revisionist movement. He was the Beitar commissioner in Germany, and he managed to double the number of members. As the head of the Herzl company in Germany, he published magazines and continued to publish them when he was deputy commissioner and then commissioner of Beitar in Germany. In 1929, he married Hildegarde Roman. They had a daughter Te’ena and a son Aryeh. Eventually, they had six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.

In 1932, he established a Beitar cell in Amsterdam, and in 1933, he organized a course for instructors. He was a good friend of Zeev Jabotinsky, and they corresponded for many years. In 1933, he made aliyah with his family. He was a member of Brit HaBiryonim, commander of the Beitar branch in Petah Tikva, and chief of security for Even Yehuda during the riots of 1936. He was part of the commissioners’ board of Beitar and the working committee of the Histadrut. He also was the financial manager of Metzudat Zeev and a reporter for HaMashkif. In 1938, he was a representative at the first congress of the Revisionists in Prague. After Jabotinsky’s death, he left the Revisionists and established Hazit Poalim Leumit.

From 1943, he was a Lehi member and worked in the finance department and the supporters department. He endangered himself day by day and hour by hour. Many recognized him, but his work prevented him from hiding. When he knocked on a new door, he did not know what was waiting behind it, assistance or betrayal. He always had to start from the beginning to explain and preach. He was indefatigable and fearless, and he continued with the same dedication and sacrifice.

In 1947-1948, he was active as a Lehi emissary in Western Europe. Pesach passed away in August 1949, after he had seen his life’s dream realized: the establishment of the State of Israel. He was distressed by the distortion of the history of the War of Independence, but he was full of faith in the future.

His spouse Hildegarde marched alongside him shoulder to shoulder, along their entire difficult path. In their house, the three Lehi central committee members found refuge, and they could see their wives. Hildegarde, who had graduated from the Berlin Music Academy, was an active member in the Blue and White movement in Berlin. She was truly, as the verse in Proverbs states, “a woman of valor.” In 1991, she was awarded the Lehi commendation and the State Fighters’ Medal.

Pesach passed away on 1 August 1949, and was buried in Kiryat Shaul.

Hildegarde passed away on 24.4.1984, and was buried in Holon.