NAME: Farhi Yeshayahu Sherlo



DATE FALLEN: June 17, 1946

Yeshayahu Sherlo was born in 1924 in Sofia, Bulgaria, to Yaakov and Dora. From 1939, he lived in Plovdiv. He graduated from le collège Saint Augustin à Plovdiv. Even as a youth in Bulgaria, he was a fervent Zionist and activist in the Beitar Movement. He held senior positions and was involved in educating the Jewish youth with the Zionist values of Beitar. He took a significant role in organizing aliyah from Bulgaria and was tied to the partisans who fought the Nazi occupiers.

When the Red Army liberated Bulgaria, he was one of the first to get a certificate to make aliyah himself, at age twenty.

In the Land of Israel, he joined Lehi. He was very active in the underground, and was stationed in the combat brigade. On June 17, 1946, he was part of the attack on the Haifa Railway Workshops, and he was killed near Kfar (now Kiryat) Ata. He was buried in Haifa alongside his comrades, in the Lehi plot.

In his memory and in memory of his comrades, a memorial was erected at the approach to Kiryat Ata.

The memory of Cherlow Yeshayahu is engraved upon the heart of his family, friends and comrades; he distinguished himself as a committed Zionist, dedicated to the idea of freeing his land from the foreign occupier. He was a role model, laying down his life for the liberation of Israel. His pleasant temperament, his friendliness, his readiness to help others, his knowledge, his intelligence and his self-sacrifice for his comrades and movement, will remained engraved upon the hearts of us all.

As a Bulgarian poem puts it:

He who in the war of liberation lays down his life

He shall never die!!! He shall never die!!!

The mothers on earth will raise their cry

As the poet sings his dirges to the sky.