NAME: Eshel (Shneiderman) Yaacov Zvi


DATE OF BIRTH: October 3, 1912

DATE OF DEATH: May 28, 1991

Zvi was born on October 3,1912 in Oziran Poland, third child of five sons and three daughters of Yaacov and Shoshana. The father was a butcher, mother a housewife; the Zionist family was religious-conservative. Their regular JNF donation gave them a single Certificate,  received by Zvi, aged 17.5 who promised to help his family make Aliyah. He arrived in Israel February 1930, among Beitar’s first arrivals from Galicia. He was a graduate of Beitar’s “Recruitment Units”, active in Tel-Aviv. He joined “Brit-Habiryonim” and was arrested 1931, later arrested after blowing the Shofar near the Wailing Wall. On July 23,1933 he was arrested as a suspect in the Arlozorov Murder, due to political associations and circumstances: his job renting beach-chairs near the murder scene, being left-handed, his dark complexion, all matching Sima Arlozorov’s description of the murderer. He was released  because his left hand was missing three fingers. He was among the founders of the National Workers Organisation 1934, and   representative to Beitar’s 2nd World Conference 1935, Krakow. He brought his family to Israel 1935, except for two brothers who remained and perished in the Holocaust. His father died 1938. Zvi helped supporting the family, continued  his political duties, and until the outbreak of WWII, frequently travelled to Poland for Second Aliyah activity. A member of Etzel, he joined Lehi during the split. He worked in organisation, information and finance. He got arrested 1941, and held in Latrun until being exiled to Africa. He returned to Israel July 12,1948, after seven years’ prison. He worked as a travelling salesman for medicine companies, later  managed the M.M.M. Haifa branch. In 1948 he married Geula, Egyptian born daughter of  author Ben-Zion Yedidya. They have three children: Neta, Dov and Shoshana, plus two grandchildren. After his divorce  he married Batya who created a warm home for his entire family. His sisters were active in Etzel and Palmach. Younger brother Avraham, a Lehi member, was also exiled to Kenya. Mother Shoshana was nicknamed by everyone “Mother of the undergrounds”. Zvi passed away May 28,1991, and was buried in Haifa.