Avraham, son of Ya’acov and Shoshana was born  March 1924 in the Ukraine, in a town located within Polish territory then. The household was Jewish-traditional, strongly attracted to Zionism; the children received a Zionist education. His father was a butcher and his uncle, the town’s rabbi. His mother was known as the epitome of kindness. This woman  gave charity to the poor every Friday night for the Sabbath. His older brother, Zvi Shneiderman, came to Israel as a pioneer in 1930, was a member of ‘Brit-Habiryonim’, and got interrogated in the Arlozorov Murder case. The entire Shneiderman family emigrated in  Hannukah 1935, through a ‘request’ Zvi sent them, enabling them to receive their Immigration Permit to Palestine,  the ‘Certificate’. One of Avraham’s sisters, Hanna, was an active Palmach member. His other sister, Dvora, was active in Etzel. His family was an exemplary fighting family, with all sides represented. Avraham finished his studies at ‘Bilu’ School. Aged 14 he joined Beitar and was active several years. In 1943 he joined Lehi. He was in a  cell with Ya’acov Bekman, and involved in circulating publications and in recruitment. In 1944 he got arrested during a search on a  Tel-Aviv street.  His brother Zvi got arrested later, after British Intelligence discovered the two were siblings. Avraham was exiled to Asmara  Africa 1944, with the first group of exiles. They were moved around to all the prison camps in Africa, until finally returning 1948 to the State of Israel, after four years. Immediately on arrival  Avraham joined the IDF. His intentions were to join the Air Force, but he got disqualified due to having been a Lehi member. He served for one year in the Infantry Corps, and was discharged as  a Sergeant. As a civilian, he established a diamond polishing workshop, which provided a good living for about 25 families. He established a family; wife Ruth came to Israel aboard the ship ‘Exodus’. The couple had two children: a son – Ariel, and a daughter – Varda, both  graduates of the University of Tel-Aviv. They have four granddaughters.