Shevach was born on November 4,1913 in Warsaw  Poland,  son of Binyamin and Tauba Yona. His father supplied the Polish Army with conserved food. His mother  raised and educated their five children. Shevach studied at Ochohovski’ High School and joined Beitar young. In 1934 he was recruited to the Polish Army. When WWII broke out 1939, he was recruited to his unit in Weruzlavek. Upon  arrival, his base was destroyed by the Germans. On his way home he witnessed Germans and Poles persecuting Jews, forcing them to hard labour. He decided to leave Poland immediately, packed a suitcase and bid his family farewell, seeing them alive a final time. With difficulties, he reached Biyalistok, already under Russian control. There he met his future wife Masha. They decided to immigrate to Israel. They reached Vilnius, then a small town near Kovno, where he found work at a glass factory. Half a year later they set out again. The Russians forbade everyone to leave. Shevach decided to  personally write Stalin. What a surprise, when he received a departure permit. Through Moscow, Odessa, they reached Marsin  Turkey, where he met Anshel Spielman, a key Lehi activist. Shevach arrived in Israel 1941, joined Lehi, Department Six. He worked at the Public Works Department. At the underground’s  bidding, he began working at Jerusalem Central Prison 1947, managing Public Works. The position included regular contact with the political prisoners .He provided them with the structural and sewer-system plans. This enabled them to dig a tunnel reaching the sewage outflow point near the prison, through which eight  Lehi prisoners, and  four Etzel prisoners escaped. With the outbreak of  harsh Arab attacks upon the Jews, following  UN partitioning of the land, November 29,1948 , he participated in the attempt to break through the walls of the Old City , Jerusalem. He was injured July 1948. Following the War of Independence he completed a tour-guide course and worked  as a Tour Guide until retirement. Shevach was an active  ‘Beit-Yair’ member throughout the years. He married  Masha nee Drugochensky; they have two children and a granddaughter. He passed away on