NAME: Ehrlich Nachman


DATE OF BIRTH: 16 September, 1932

Nachman was born to Yossef and Shifra, who made aliya from Poland in the third Aliyah and were among the first ten settlers to establish the religious colony of Bnei Brak and were known as a revisionist family.

As the son of a religious family, he studied in the Talmud Torah and then at the Heichal Hatalmud Yeshiva. He was in the Beitar youth movement and at the age of 13 he joined the Etzel. His older brother Yitzhak, who was a member of the Etzel, was arrested by the British (due to Haganah informants), taken to Latrun and then exiled to Eritrea.

After the arrest of his brother Nachman, he decided to leave the Etzel, wanting to fight the foreign government with more vigor as the Lehi fought, and he contacted Lehi propaganda distributers and was recruited.

In the admissions committee, he was accepted by Idit, and his direct commander was Israel Pivko-Uzi who was killed in the War of Independence in the south.

Nachman distributed and pasted propaganda posters while his mother helped him make glue at home. He recruited new members to Lehi and went through small arms training and taught weapons classes.

During the War of Independence, he was a signaller in the Lehi camps in Tel Hashomer and Sheikh-Monis, with the breakthrough of Burma Road, he assisted in transfering weapons and supplies to the Lehi camp in Talbiye, Jerusalem.

Because of his young age, he was not enlisted into the IDF with the rest of the Lehi who were in Sheikh-Munis camp. He then did enlist in the IDF and served in transportation but was released a few months later due to his age.

He enlisted again with others his age, he served in the Navy and was sent to the United States with two Navy ships as escort to Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who marched through the streets of New York at the 1951 Independence Day parade in a show of solidarity with American Jews for the opening of the United Jewish Appeal.

Upon his release from the IDF, he attended the naval school in Acre and continued in the Merchant Navy as a mechanical officer. In 1959 he married Aviva Meiri, and the couple had three children: Dov, Ehud and Shifra. He later moved to work in Kiryat Technion as director of the Mechanics Department for 33 years until he retired.