NAME: Erez Haim


DATE OF BIRTH: February 12, 1930

DATE OF DEATH: September 10, 2018

Haim was born on February 12,1930 in Jerusalem’s Bukharian neighbourhood to  Shlomo and Simcha. His fathe, an ardent Zionist, came to Israel from Iraq in the 1920s and settled in Jerusalem. Haim studied at “Doresh-Zion” religious school. As an adolescent he joined  ‘Hano’ar-Hao’ved’ movement. During the Hebrew Freedom Movement, British forces were searching for weapons at the Kibbutzim; Haim was driven with movement members to the Sharon area and participated in blocking British access to Rishpon. However due to his nationalist upbringing  and the general atmosphere prevailing in the Bukharian neighbourhood – where most youngsters belonged to Etzel or Lehi –  he joined Lehi 1946. He was active in the Youth department, pasting-up info-materials, circulating publications. After a while he was transferred to the Intelligence department, doing surveillance of British posts. He was absent from home for long periods of time. After the arrest of Meir Nakar and Moshe Barazani he was forced to hide since he was known as their friend. Serving in the Operations Department he took part in removing weapons from British soldiers leaving  “Shneller” Camp, and delivering these weapons to the underground. Due to this activity he was caught by Hagana members with two of his friends, interrogated and told to hand over  these weapons to the Hagana. They didn’t co-operate and after a few days, were released. With the outbreak of Arab atrocities following the UN decision to Partition the land into two states, Haim took part in  battle operations as a machine-gunner. He participated in the attempt to conquer Ein-Karem, in which Lehi suffered many losses. Following this activity the Arabs abandoned the place. After Lehi’s dismantlement in Jerusalem Haim joined the IDF and served in Jerusalem two years. He later served as a  Reservist and took part in  the IDF’s retribution acts. In 1951 he married Frieda nee Somech. They had four children plus ten grandchildren. He transmitted to them the spirit of  love and loyality to country and nation. His children and grandchildren all work for State security. Haim worked in Israel Post’s engineering dept. in Jerusalem until retirement.