Yechezkel was born on June 10,1919 in Biyalistok Poland, youngest son of  Ze’ev and Ida nee Shoshizsk,  brother to Matya and Mordechai. His father had a hide processing factory. The family was religious-Zionist. He joined Beitar aged 10. During a “Boycott Germany” demonstration, he was arrested. With his elementary and vocational schooling, he acquired a pre-military education which exempted him from military duty. Summer 1937 he underwent Beitar’s commanders course in Lodz, meeting Avraham Amper there, who recruited him to Etzel. With the outbreak of WWII, the two brothers escaped to Vilnius, where refugees had gathered eager to reach Israel. During escape attempts brother Mordechai was captured by the Soviets, released only after 16 years’ labour camps and prison. Yechezkel reached Turkey, then through a perilous journey via Syria, Lebanon, reached Israel end October 1941. He met Lehi activist Avraham Amper and joined the underground. Great disasters  were plaguing the underground at the time: the murders of Amper and Jacques, the murder of Yair. The organisation become much smaller; Yechezkel was determined to continue, while deeply worried about  his family’s fate in Poland with the Holocaust underway. He plunged into many underground activities: distributing and pasting up info materials, recruitment, mail delivery for prisoners, weapons transport etc. He was responsible for a Cell and served creating Lehi’s Sten guns. After establishment of the State, in Lehi’s collective enlistment Yechezkel joined the IDF, participating in the first Explosives officers course and was appointed the 8th Brigade’s Explosives Officer. As reservist, he commanded explosives courses, underwent Combat Arms commanders course, Civil Defence commanders course, served as Ops Officer, Company Commander, Regional Ops Officer and was discharged ranking Captain at 54. He completed his academic education in machine engineering – A.M.I. Mech. E. London, member of the Math. Association of America , American Association for Advancement of Science  and the NY Academy of Sciences . He married Chedva Shayniak 1950. They had Benny and Orna plus seven grandchildren. He worked as a machine engineer at the “Elite” factory 40 years and is retired. He volunteers at “ Diaspora House” interpreting microfilm.