Shoshana was born in Tel-Aviv July 6,1929 to Nechama and Avraham, secular  idealistic Zionists. They raised a family of seven children: Sara, Yoseph may his memory be blessed, twins Ya’acov and Tamar, Moshe, Shoshana and Chofshia. Brother Moshe was a  Palmach member.

Shoshanna’s father was among the founders of a transport co-operative, which later became the “Shalav” co-op.  Shoshana studied at  “Biyalik” School and was a member of the “Hano’ar-Ha’oved” youth movement a while. She met  her future husband Me’ir at a party. They were immediately attracted to one another and began seeing each other regularly. After Meir found out  Shoshana did not belong to any of the organisations of the time  he revealed to her  he was a  Lehi member and asked her to join the underground as well. She thought it over for a month and accepted. In 1947 she joined Lehi and assumed the pseudonym Chasya.

Shoshana’s activities in the Information Dept. did not last long, for in the meantime, the UN had decided to partition the land into a Jewish State and an Arab one (on November 29,1947). The countdown had begun leading up to the 15th  May 1948 Declaration of Independence. With her friends in Lehi she joined the IDF and was placed in the 82nd Battalion of the 8th Brigade, where most Lehi members were posted. Less than three months later, she and Meir married; she was discharged. Four months later, end December 1948, Meir was injured in the battle of Uja-el-Hafir, and the family’s “military career” was over. Shoshana gave birth to  daughter Hanna (Nizan) who has three sons: Yaniv, Tomer and Barak – and to  son Yoseph, who had Hadassah and Lior.

She worked in Bezeq 1968 – 88 as a switchboard operator, until retirement.

Shoshana passed away in Tel-Aviv on August 28,1998, She is buried in the Yarkon Cemetery.