Meir was born on January 23,1929 in Belz Poland; youngest son of Mordechai and Hava, and  brother to Zvi and Shmuel. The family emigrated in 1935. The father was a worker in the Municipality of Tel-Aviv.

The family was religious and Meir studied at  “Tel-Aviv Yeshiva”. He was a member of Beitar, and naturally joined Etzel; older brother Shmuel was an Etzel member as well. At the time –  end of WWII –  Etzel’s method of war against Britain was not to his liking; he joined Lehi  end of 1945 with the belief that  this direction fitted his view. Meir’s activities in Lehi were in the Publicity Department. He served as a stock-keeper, concentrating all info-material, posters, pamphlets and booklets destined for circulation and distribution. At the end of 1947, beginning of 1948, he was responsible for a Fighters’ Cell.

Meir joined the IDF, following the parade in Sheikh-Monis. He served in the First Company, 89th Battalion – the Commando Unit – of the 8th Brigade,  under Yitzhak Sadeh. This was a division comprised mostly of Lehi men, led  by the legendary ‘Dov’, Ya’acov Granek. During the battle of Uja-el-Hafir, December 1948, in which Dov found his death and many of his men were injured, Meir was injured as well, loosing half his foot. Before getting injured, aleady in August 1948, he married Shoshana  Fineholtz, whom he’d recruited to Lehi 1947. They had a daughter: Hanna (Nizan) and a son: Yoseph. The couple were blessed with five grandchildren: Yaniv, Tomer and Barak from Hanna; Hadas and Lior from Yoseph. After Meir’s recovery and his discharge from the IDF, he earned his living as a driver-member of the “Dan Co-operative”. His wife Shoshana passed away on August 28,1998. Today he is a pensioner and serves as  treasurer of the co-operative’s Pensioners’ Organisation.