David was born in Turkey 1930 to  Yitzhak and Tamar. His father was a traditional Jew and ardent Zionist, who wanted his five children to be educated in Israel. He worked in construction. The family made Aliyah 1936 and settled in the Mishkanot neighbourhood, Jerusalem. David studied at  ‘Boys’ School’  Jerusalem and at ‘Kfar-Hitim’, as part of a Jerusalemite youth nucleus sponsored by the Union of Sepharadi Jews. He was a member of the ‘Zionist Youth’ movement, which followed the teachings of Jabotinsky. In 1944 he moved with his family to Tel-Aviv, working as  delivery boy and became a locksmith’s apprentice. He resided in  ‘Hatikva’ neighbourhood.

David joined Lehi  1945. He served in the youth department circulating info-material and pasting up info-bulletins. Once, Hagannah members beat him up ruthlessly when he was putting up “Hama’as” posters. Eventually he was placed in Department Six, where he worked gathering information. Later he was active in the Operations Dept.  He participated in expropriation acts in the Tel-Aviv region. When battles began with the Arabs, after a weapons training course, he participated in sabotage activities at Tel-Adas, near Magdiel, and at Abu-Kabir. On one occasion he was saved with his friend from an explosion, when their operation leader prevented them from approaching an explosive device which hadn’t blown up on time. Following establishment of the State he joined the 8th Brigade with his comrades and served in the 82nd Battalion, Division A of the Armoured vehicles, as driver and machine-gun operator. He took part in all the Brigade’s battles: the conquest of Lod Airport,  Beit-Nabbala and the region, the Negba police, Beer-Sheba and Uja el-Hafir. David served in the Sinai Campaign as a Sapper (explosives) in the 42nd Battalion, and in the Six- Day Wa, in the heavy artillery battalion. In the Yom-Kippur War he served six months, and in the Peace for Galilee War as an  air-force driver. He did reserves for 34 years. David is married to Sarah Dayan; they have three children and eight grandchildren. He worked as a driver for the Tel-Aviv Municipality 40 years, retiring 1995