Herzl was born in Tel-Aviv on March 29,1929 to  Batya and Yerachmiel, who emigrated from Russia 1924. He attended Ramat-Gan elementary school, and Commerce High School and was a “Community” Scout. He grew up in a nationalist household (brother Ya’acov, was an Etzel and Lehi leader).  Recruited to Lehi in 1944, Herzl pasted up info-bulletins. From Baruch Kotlitzki his superior who’d arrived from Poland, he learned of events underway in Europe. He completed a weapons-training course and was placed in charge of two youth Cells. Herzl delivered the intelligence which led to the weapons expropriation  from the British camp at Holon. After the operation, he rescued a  wounded comrade who had participated. Herzl took part in the Kalkilya train bombing. The mine malfunctioned and they had to flee  British forces firing at them. He participated in attacking  the ‘Kalaniot’ (Red Berets) camp on Yarkon St Tel-Aviv. Herzl complained that insufficient operations were taking place and attempted to initiate  his own; he was therefore distanced from the movement and left for New York. There he met Binyamin Gepner and Tsfoni and joined their branch activities, supplying weapons for the London Lehi branch. Herzl instructed Jewish youth and planned the assassination of Officer Morton (Yair’s murderer), who’d become Police Chief of Trinidad. Meanwhile, UN mediator Bernadotte was shot in Jerusalem. Their activity ceased and all members returned to Israel. Herzl arrived in 1949 and joined the IDF. As a soldier he joined Kibbutz Neveh-Yair, established by Lehi members in the Western Negev (today’s Ein-Hashlosha). Following  Neveh-Yair’s disbandment, he continued  service in the army until 1956 , became an Infantry Corps Major, and the Operations Officer of the 11th Brigade. As reservist he commanded a Battalion for seven years and was made Lieutenant Colonel. He married underground girlfriend Rivka nee Lippiner (Nimroda) 1950 . They had three children, eleven grandchildren. Following discharge, he settled with his family in Orot, twenty years. Herzl and Rivka eventually divorced. He later married Carmel Steinbrecher.  He was among the pioneers of the “Moledet” movement. His heart condition eventually forced him to discontinue activities. He resided in Jerusalem.