NAME: Eli-Ba Mordechai

LEHI ALIAS: Ami, Yonatan


DATE OF DEATH: November 20, 1995

Mordechai Eli-Ba (Olivero), son of Moshe, was born in Greece in 1928. He made aliya in 1933. In 1946 he became a member of Lehi, joining the Gush Dan Division in Tel Aviv and held various positions. Among his commanders were Shlomo Eshad “Hagai”, Dov Samborsky, Leah Cohen “Yehudit” and Abraham Lieberman “Gideon”. With the establishment of the IDF, he joined the 8th Brigade with most of the Lehi members and served in the 82nd Battalion as deputy to Meir Levinger “Aaron”, who had fallen in battle in Iraq. He married Malka Eli-Ba and lived in Moshav Udim. He received the State Warriors decoration. Mordechai died on the 20th of November 1995, and was laid to rest in Udim cemetery.