NAME: Eldar (Adler) Natan (Newtek)


DATE OF BIRTH: 17 November, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: 11 September, 2003

Natan Eldar son of Nechama and Professor Moshe Adler was born in Bialystok, Poland on  November 17th, 1926. His family was killed in Treblinka and he survived with his brother. After moving around Russia, the two decided to join the war against the Nazis.

Natan and his brother received training as navigators and served in the Polish Air Force as part of the Red Army.  They actively participated in the bombing of Germany.

At the end of 1945, they defected from the Polish army. Natan continued to Italy and in 1946, he joined the Etzel and managed to make aliya to Israel. Natan began studying at the Technion and at the same time joined the Lehi underground in the Operations Division with the nickname “Shalom”. His commander was Ya’akov Banai “Mazal”.

He enlisted on May 29th, 1948, together with most Lehi members to the 8th Brigade. He participated in the battle for the occupation of Judea under the command of Yitzhak Sadeh.

He then volunteered with his brother in the Air Force and served for many years as a navigator. Natan has two daughters and grandchildren.

Natan died on September 11th, 2003, and was laid to rest at Yarkon Cemetery.