NAME: Eisdorfer (Endor) Yitzchak and Miriam

LEHI ALIAS: Chermoni

DATE OF BIRTH: Yitzchak - 1898, Miriam - 1902

DATE OF DEATH: Yitzchak - June 30, 1992

Yitzhak was born in  Petroha Hungary  1898. He took part in  WWI as officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army. After discharge, he helped organize  a Zionist Federation in  Ungor and found Jewish Zionist Scout groups. He began Engineering studies, University of Budapest 1921. He took part in the 1923 student demonstrations and established a students union for protecting their rights. In 1927 Ze’ev Jabotinsky appointed him Beitar’s chief Representative in Hungary. Among  other occupations, he was Keren-Hayesod’s bureau manager in Hungary and organised  Hungarian Jewish youth  into a Zionist Federation. He took part in Zionist Congresses. In 1930 he was  invited for a learning  trip to Israel. Upon return to Hungary, he worked in Slovakia for Keren-Hayesod. In 1935 he and his wife Miriam, an equally ardent  Zionist, decided to make Aliya.

Miriam was born in Budapest 1902. Her ambition was to study medicine, but due to the ‘Numerus Clausus’  preventing Jews studying at Universities, she had to set aside her plans. She instructed young women in the ‘Kadima’ movement, and eventually joined Beitar, lecturing at  Jewish women’s circles. She married Yitzchak1927 and they had a daughter. They made aliya and settled in Haifa; Yitzhak established and managed an Ice factory. He continued Zionist and civic work and was elected  member of Hadar-Hacarmel Local Council. He helped establish the Hungarian Immigrants’ Association and  ‘Maccabi’ Veterans’ Association. Early 1940s he joined Lehi via Zvi Frunin, a Lehi’s commander wanted by the British CID. Yitzchak and Miriam were entirely  identified with Lehi’s cause, assisting in every way they could – among the most dedicated people with Lehi, active in the Haifa region during the war waged by the undergrounds against the British occupier. Their house served members for clandestine meetings. Yitzchak was an ardent nationalist. He helped out members of Etzel and  Hagana when needed. Following the assassination of Bernadotte, Yitzchak was arrested by the Israeli Authorities and imprisoned  three weeks. He passed away on June 30,1992, aged 94. Miriam, having  aged gracefully, lives at a Haifa Retirement Home.