NAME: Eini Meir Yerachmiel

LEHI ALIAS: Mordechai

DATE OF BIRTH: 17 October, 1925

DATE OF DEATH: 22 January, 2013

Meir Eini son of Simcha and Moshe was born on September 17th, 1925.

In 1946 he joined the Lehi in Jerusalem as Class Commander in the Religious Division under the command of Yehoshua Zettler “Meir”. He was detained in Latrun from March 1946 to February 1948.

He received the State Warriors badge.

His family members are: He married Rachel, he had 9 children: Moshe, Sima, Sarah, Ora, Aviva, Avraham, Avner, Tzuf, Reddy.

Meir died on January 22nd, 2013 and was laid to rest at Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem.