NAME: Eilat (Rosenberger) Israel


DATE OF BIRTH: February 2, 1924

DATE OF DEATH: December 13, 2016

Israel Eilat, son of Moshe was born on February 2nd, 1924 and made Aliya on October 16, 1950. In 1947 he served as an officer of  Beitar in Budapest and joined the Lehi resistance in Hungary under the command of Shlomo Ben Shlomo (Shmuel) and Yehuda Gur (Boaz). Israel stood out among the cell activists in Budapest and became Yehuda Gur “Boaz”’s chief aide. His brother Eilat Mattityahu “Walter” was a 31-year-old Lehi fighter who worked in Paris.

He received the Lehi badge. He married Shoshana, who assisted him in the activities of the Lehi cell in Budapest.