Menashe was bornon 1929 in Batei Hungarn in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem to his father Aharon. He studied at the Hotam Sefer Yeshiva, dedicated himself entirely to his studies, and was submerged in the wisdom of the Torah though never ignoring the events taking place at the time in Eretz Israel. The underground war against the foreign British regime was at its height, and with the decision to partition the land into two states, Jewish and Arab, the Arabs began terrorist attacks against the Jews throughout the country. Menashe decided he could not remain a mere observer and had to take action. He joined Lehi, who were acting with much vigor at the time in Jerusalem against the British because they were not withdrawing from the land and were even assisting the Arab rioters in their attacks against the Jewish neighborhoods. 

     Using the strength of his personality Menashe influenced about twenty other Yeshiva students to join Lehi and become courageous fighters who showed their strength in several battles. At their head was Yehuda Bar-Giora and the group was nicknamed the Religious Company.

     Menashe mined the entrance to the Allenby military camp and participated in the attempt to conquer the Old City of Jerusalem in a failed joint Lehi-Etzel operation. Prior to Lehi’s attack on Ein Karem in which the Religious Company was to take part, Menashe requested permission from the Belzer Rabbi for the operation because it was due to begin before Shabbat and might continue into it. The Rabbi’s permission was granted on the grounds that the operation was due to begin before Shabbat came in. The fighters fought bravely and when the operation was over returned home on foot because, as they said, they had received permission to fight but not to drive on the Day of Rest. Menashe and his friends continued to take part in all the missions that were assigned to them during the siege of Jerusalem. 

     Following the liberation of the city Menashe returned to live in Mea Shearim. He continued his Orthodox lifestyle, married, and raised a family. They have numerous children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. For his living he opened in his neighborhood a furniture department store, which serves as a meeting place for his many friends from those glorious days. Once a week Menashe travels to Meron and prays over the graves of the holy men. He also raises donations for needy families.