NAME: Efrati (Mizrachi) Yaakov

LEHI ALIAS: Avner Galili

DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1927

Yaakov Efrati, son of Ephraim, was born in Jerusalem on 14th of March, 1927. On August 14, 1947, he was arrested together with Binyamin Barzani on suspicion of underground activity after the British imposed a curfew on the Beit Israel neighborhood of Jerusalem and performed house to house searches. He joined Lehi in October 1947, under the command of Shaul Barzani “Zephaniye”. He participated in the transfer of weapons to Jerusalem on Burma road. He participated in the Battle of Malha, breaking into the Old City and intelligence operations. His other commanders were David Efrati, Ehud and Reuvan Romak Greenberg “Elhanan”. He received the Lehi badge.