NAME: Durem (Martosh) Peter


Peter Durem (Martush), Lehi member, was chosen by Yaakov Eliav “Aviel” to sabotage a British warship. The plan was to create a bomb inside his duffle bag, where 20 kg of explosives were placed. These were supposed to explode near the ship’s arsenal and sink it. Peter shared the plan with one of his friends who was supposed be a lookout while Peter was placing the cargo. The friend aroused the suspicions of the British and got arrested.

During the interrogation, he broke down and revealed Peter’s plan. Peter was arrested and tried before the military court in Haifa, where he was sentenced to six years in Acre Prison. Peter Martush escaped with Haim Ahisher from the Atlit detention camp on February 12, 1948. Because the two had served in the British Army, and they were fluent in English, they posed as British soldiers wearing uniforms they smuggled into the camp. They broke into the military camp through the fences.

At the time of the escape, they encountered British soldiers, but fortunately, they weren’t noticed and could continue into the military camp that bordered the detention camp. They crawled through a ditch leading to the camp’s outer fence, went through a barbed wire fence and crossed the road. From there they continued to one of the houses in Atlit and found shelter there. He received the Lehi badge and the State Warriors badge.