NAME: Drori (Litman) Yeshayahu



DATE OF DEATH: July 23, 1994

Yeshayahu was born in 1916 in Taya, famous Tokai region Wine City of Hungary. His family was religious, observant, with three sons and a daughter. His father worked in construction metalwork. Yeshayahu studied at a ‘Cheder’ and graduated from the town Elementary School. At Bar-Mitzvah age he lost his mother; his father remarried.

The family, with two more girls, moved to Budapest. Yeshayahu studied, specialising in Perfumery, his work until immigration. During this period, he encountered Zionism and was active in Beitar. His dedication and activity brought his rise in rank. Aged 20 he became Hungary’s Chief Beitar Officer. He was part of the seven member “Af-Al-Pi” Clandestine Aliyah group, organised by Beitar Hungary, 1937. They departed  through the Danube to Vienna, and reached Israel on Simchat-Torah Eve.

Yeshayahu joined Beitar’s Labour Force, served in Nachalat-Yitzhak, and was later Company Commander in Rehovot. With the Force he joined Etzel and after the split joined Lehi. He recruited Lehi supporters, sought hiding places for wounded and wanted members, raised funds, organised meeting locations for weapons courses and first aid. While director of Ramat–Gan’s “Citizen’s House”, he enabled Lehi full use of the hall.

On May 1948 he joined the IDF with the Lehi Brigade, and served as Sergeant in the 82nd Battalion’s 8th Brigade. Yeshayahu was heavily injured in the battle of Uja-el-Hafir and suffered from the injury the rest of his life. He was recognised as a Disabled IDF Veteran and awarded the Lehi Order. In 1941 he married Tsipora Gedanski, fellow Lehi member, who accompanied him in his path. After discharge from the IDF he settled in Moshav Misgav-Dov, and worked many years in agriculture. He also worked in several administrative positions in the village and served as Gderot Local Council Mayor.

He lost his eldest son Ze’ev in the Golan Heights battle during the Six Day War, and never recovered from this loss. Tsipora passed away 1993, and Yeshayahu a year after, July 23,1994. He left behind  daughter Amalya, a teacher, and grandchildren: Ze’ev, Shiri, Chen and Ronit.