NAME: Drori Hella nee Rosner


DATE OF BIRTH: September 21, 1931

DATE OF DEATH: August 21, 1996

Hella was born  September 21,1931 in Karlsruhe Germany to Mathilda and Yechiel. Older sister Dvora and she, were raised in a religious Zionist household. Due to Nazi anti-Semitic behavior, her mother implored her father, to take the entire family to the Land of Israel. She discovered through an SS neighbour that her husband was blacklisted; he therefore escaped from Germany to Israel 1933,  settling in Kfar Sava. Two years later, he  managed to get certificates enabling his family to join him in Kfar Sava, 1935.

Hella’s parents owned a restaurant, and worked hard to earn a living. Hela attended Beit-Ya’acov school. The family moved to Tel-Aviv 1940  where Hela studied at ”Shlomo Hamelech” and “Talpiyot” girls’ schools and joined Bnei-Akiva. After graduating she looked after children and occasionally worked evenings, to assist the family. She also completed evening school studies.

Yair’s assasination left a deep imprint on her, especially when a neighbour expressed joy at the “Great Criminal’s” death. For her own family, it was a day of mourning. Sister and brother-in-law Dvora and Yitzhak Even-Zohar, were Lehi members. Yitschak, a Latrun escapee, found  refuge in their home.  Hella joined Lehi at 15. She remembered her own initiation ceremony throughout her life, as a profoundly touching experience, from which a sincere voice echoed within her for years to come. Hella put up and distributed info-material, did weapons training and  sang at times to the youth through clandestine broadcasts of the underground radio. Her parents were unaware of her involvement. One night, she had to confront her father. She then left home and stayed with a friend. When her parents realized she was determined to continue, they agreed.

After establishment of the State she met Yoseph Drori (Frankfurt), Lehi member and Akko Prison escapee, who was issued a death penalty.  They were married  April 17,1950 in Tel-Aviv by Rabbi Arieh Levin zt”l, the Prisoners’ Rabbi.  After marriage Hella  worked in childcare. They had three sons, Aminadav (Yoseph’s nom-de-guerre), Nitzan, and Tal, plus six grandchildren. Yoseph passed away August 21,1996 .They lived in Netanya, and Hella volunteered at social services organizations.