Yosef was born in 1926 in Warsaw, Poland to his parents Rebecca and Zvi Frankfurt. In 1930 his brother, Eli, was born, who later also became a member of the Lehi and lived in Latrun. The mother was a housewife and the father a merchant. Obtaining entry visas for his family members. The family settled in Tel Aviv. Yosef attended the Tel Nordau school and was a member of the Scouts. And was responsible for operations in the Netanya area and in Division VI. He participated in the attack on the railway workshops and was among those captured. The British court sentenced the girls to life imprisonment and the boys to death by hanging in Acre prison. At that time, the world’s public criticism of the death penalty intensified, and following public pressure, their sentences were commuted to life imprisonment. On May 4, 1947, the Acre prison was broken into, and Yosef was among the fugitives.

With the establishment of the state and the recruitment of Lehi members to the IDF, he also enlisted, served in the 8th Brigade, and later in the Navy in Sydney-Ali, as the deputy commander of the camp. During the service you changed his name from Frankfurt to Drori. At that time he knew his girlfriend, Hela Rosner, who was also a member of the Lehi.
The couple had three sons and grandchildren.

Yosef embodied in his personality a combination of a practical and meticulous businessman, which requires integrity from himself and his environment, and a person who is extremely sensitive to his family and others. He loved music very much and played the harmonica. Educated his children with a traditional education, despite being secular, he also educated them for the love of others and the love of the whole Land of Israel.

For many years he was the owner of a sander. During the crisis, he closed the plant and began working for the Airports Authority in Lod, in the Finance Department, until his late retirement age. Died of a serious illness, on August 22 , 1996.