NAME: Drori Betty nee Leibovitz

DATE OF BIRTH: August 8, 1916

DATE OF DEATH: April 10, 1997

Betty, daughter of Levy Yitzchak and Feiga Zippora, was born August 8,1916 , in Barld  Romania, and studied at Bucharest Technical School. She was active in the “Zionist Youth” movement. At the outbreak of  World War II she sought ways to make Aliyah and joined an immigrant group who’d rented a beef transport ship, called “Dorian”.

At the beginning of 1940 she set sail for Israel. For three months the ship sailed under the most difficult conditions, until arrival at Israel’s shores. It was then captured by the British, and all passengers incarcerated at  “Mizra” Prison Camp, where she met  prisoners who were Lehi fighters. She was later transferred to Atlit Camp and joined a group of Lehi men who’d arrived from Poland, the “Polish Group”. Here she met member Tuviya Drori,  whom  years afterwards she married.

They have a daughter, Dvora, and two grandchildren: Nir and Keren.

Betty  was active in  financial assistance for Lehi members. Her house served as a hiding place for men wanted by the CID and as a meeting place for the fighters.

Betty was an educator and a teacher of arts and crafts, but it in her soul she was an artist  and in her occupation too;  many Lehi brides wore wedding clothes that she had sewn, and which she’d purchased at her expense.

She passed away in April 10,1997, and was laid to rest in the Lehi Section of the Yarkon Cemetery.