Tuviya was born on  1916, in Zufyovka Ukraine to Yitzchak and Rivka who engaged in farming. He received a traditional Jewish upbringing and studied in a Heder and Yeshiva until age 15. Influenced by stories about Yoseph Trumpeldor’s heroism, he joined Beitar with his childhood friend Anshel Spielman.

When Yair organised the Etzel Cells in Poland in 1938, Tuvya joined Etzel participating in its courses. When WWII broke out and the Russians conquered the area, he escaped with a group of Etzel members to Vilnius. After Vilnius was occupied by the Soviets, he and his friends, using false papers, managed to arrive in Israel through Moscow, Odessa and Turkey, on March 15,1941.

Nicknamed “the Polish Group”, they joined Lehi already in Turkey. When arriving in Israel, all of them were  captured and jailed in Atlit. Here Tuviya met his future wife, Betti Leibovitsch. After release he underwent weapons training, distributed info-material, recruited supporters, and served in Dept Six. He later joined the Funds Department and was placed in charge of it until 1948. Betti and Tuvya were married in 1945. They have a daughter, Dvora, and two grandchildren: Nir and Keren. After establishment of the State he studied at Hebrew University and at Tel-Aviv University. He has a Masters degree and taught until retiring.

Tuvya was given the Teachers Association’s Honorary Award 1981: “For your contribution in the field of education, for maintaining continued education during wartime conditions. For laying down a foundation for State sponsored education in the State of Israel and for partaking in missions vital to the State”. His public activities were: serving as Chairman of the Association of Former Residents of the Zofiovka Region; volunteering in the Lehi Commemoration Association; publishing an autobiographical book about his activities in Etzel and Lehi, “I Believe”;  and assisting in editing “The Tree and its Roots” about his native town.