NAME: Dr. Baharav Avraham


DATE OF BIRTH: June 23, 1925

Avraham was born June 23, 1925 in Lodz Poland, to Dov and Sarah, a religious Zionist family, descendants of Rabbi Ya’acov Baharav – among the founders of   Safed’s Jewish settlement in the middle-ages. His grandfather acquired a farm where pioneers trained for Aliya. With Hitler’s rise, the family left their entire wealth behind and came to Israel with their nine-year-old son, and  baby sister Yaffa. They had a metal workshop in Tel-Aviv, which later served as an underground weapons cache. He studied at ‘Tachkemoni’ School, and grew closer to Beitar.  He later studied at   ‘Montifiori’ Night School, working during the day. Avraham joined Lehi 1940. He engaged in weapons training, pasting  info-bulletins, surveillance, guarding wanted members etc. In parallel, he joined the Haganah, to train freely with weapons. This later enabled his prison release under guise of being a Haganah member. Due to an informer, he was interrogated 1944 and sent to Latrun, although  CID didn’t know which underground he belonged to. Imprisoned there nearly three years, he spent one year in Dr. Yisrael Eldad’s shack learning from him the history of Israel and Lehi ideology. He joined Lehi Intelligence. He contacted  Jewish railway personnel  to safeguard them during attacks. On “Black Saturday” he was arrested (as  Hagana member),  imprisoned in Jaffa, beaten and injured. Released with other Hagana members, he resumed Lehi activities. With establishment of the State and Lehi members joining the IDF, as Lehi’s Liaison to the Hagana, he handed over Lehi’s intelligence material to Hagana Intelligence. He joined the IDF,  underwent  Brigade Transport Officer course but didn’t receive his proper rank. He took part in the convoy which charged into Jerusalem-under-siege, fought in the Mt. Zion sector, suffering a hand injury. After the War of Independence he was among the founders of  “Cherut” . Following the Yom-Kippur War, he was among the founders  of “Gush-Emunim”. Studying Alternative Medicine, he earned a PMD in Computerised Functional Medicine,  practicing until today.

Avraham has three daughters, Malka, Leah and Orit from his first marriage and  a son, Dovev, from his marriage to Yael Kendel Dekel. Avraham is blessed with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.