NAME: Doron (Shefi) Yehudit


DATE OF BIRTH: 11 June, 1926

DATE OF DEATH: 6 September 2005

Yehudit Shefi (Shepushnik) Doron was born in Tel Aviv on June 11 1926. Yehudit was the eldest daughter of Rachel Feldman and Yitzhak Shepushnik, who immigrated a year earlier from Chisinau, Russia. She excelled in athletics and gymnastics throughout her studies. In order to continue studying this expensive profession, she had to give up playing the piano. After 10 years of playing, the piano was sold and Yehudit began her studies to teach gymnastics. In 1946 she received a teaching certificate and from then until her last days, she taught “physical culture” with great devotion.

In 1945, during her years of studies at Tehila Ressler’s studio, she met Ptahyeh Slivensky “Yoad”, who was to become her husband. Ptahyeh was active in Lehi and recruited Yehudit as well. Her parents didn’t know that she joined the resistance. Among her commanders were Julie Thornberg “Hava”, Hisia Reuveni “Elinoar”, Geula Cohen “Ilana”, Yaakov Banai “Mazal”. She participated in various operations such as the Barclays Bank raid, hanging propaganda posters and distributing informational material, guarding a doctor and responsibility for collecting first aid supplies from pharmacies.

In 1947, she married Ptahyeh Slivinski “Yoad”. They had two children, Anat and Yoad. After divorcing, she married Ronnie Doron in 1965 and joined the family with his two sons, Matty and Danny. After losing her husband in 1990, she continued her work as a gymnastics teacher and also volunteered at the Ramat Gan Municipality’s “Ozen Kashevet” center.

Yehudit died of heart disease on Monday, September 6, 2005, and was laid to rest in Yarkon Cemetery.