NAME: Delareyna Avraham

LEHI ALIAS: Yitzchak


DATE OF DEATH: October 4, 1988

Avraham was born 1922 in Geneva Switzerland, to Moshe and Mazal (Mathilda), descendants of Spanish Jews expelled  during the Inquisition period, who’d immigrated at the time to Turkey. Before WWI, they’d moved to Switzerland and settled.

Avraham made Aliyah legally with his family in 1935, with ‘Certificates’, and lived in the Shapira neighborhood Tel-Aviv. During the riots of 1936-1939 he volunteered for the Police as a Mounted Policeman. He later opened a store in the Shapira neighborhood, and when he joined Lehi, he allowed the underground to hold clandestine meetings there. After a while a weapons storage cache was installed there as well.  In 1946 he married Sarah Cocus. A short while later, his bicycle fell into police hands, with incriminating evidence (info-bulletins) on it. Before the police could find him, he left with his wife to Switzerland, after obtaining a recommendation from his physician that for health reasons, he must change climates. In Switzerland he continued working for Lehi, and specialized in publishing campaign material and  distributing it.

He used his aunt’s house as a base of operation, without her consent. During the Zionist Congress in Geneva, he put explanatory underground  material on the desks of each delegate. Eldest son Moshe was born in Switzerland 1947. After their return to Israel, Avraham began working in the “Freeman” Factory Ramat-Gan. In 1951 their daughter Matti (Mathilda) (today Agranat) was born, and in 1955, son Yisrael. After establishment of the State he joined the IDF with the rest of  Lehi’s members. He served at Haifa’s Naval Base in the Projector Observatory. For a while he was positioned in Sidna-Ali. At the end of the war, when he was discharged, he began working at Tel-Aviv Municipal Council’s waterworks. During elections for the Knesset, he volunteered as a Likud activist.

The Delareyna couple have eight children. Avraham retired in 1987, and after a year, October 4,1988, he passed away. He was a modest person, honest, fair and loved by all who knew him.