Mordechai was born February 25,1925 in Jerusalem. His father Avraham  came from a rabbinical family, Warsaw Community leaders, and his mother Yaffa was a sixth generation native of Israel. During childhood he studied at “Talmud Torah”, resided in  Zichron-Moshe neighbourhood and later studied at “Aluma” secondary Yeshiva. As a  youth he joined “Brit- Hachashmona’im” Jerusalem, and with its members, joined Lehi 1944 aged 19.

He distributed info-material, and pasted up bulletins of “Hachazit” and “Hama’as”. He participated in surveillance activities for Dr. Eldad’s escape, in Jerusalem. On December 31,1944 he was kidnapped by the Hagannah, suspected of Etzel membership, during the “ Saison” (persecution of Etzel members) in Jerusalem. His Lehi membership surfaced during his interrogation by Hagannah Intelligence and they released him. He was  arrested by the British beginning of 1945 and imprisoned at Latrun. Eight months later he was released on house arrest. During that period, Mordechai joined Kibbutz Beit-Yehoshua with other  “Brit-Hashmona’im” members; an attempt that failed due to insufficient membership. Afterwards he returned to Jerusalem continuing Lehi activity.

At the outbreak of the Arab Offensive, following the UN Partition Resolution, he joined a Lehi group defending Jerusalem and fought in the neighbourhoods Talpiyot, Makor-Chayim and Neve-Ya’acov. After four months of combat his platoon went up to Mt Scopus, with the combatants of Atarot; from there he descended to Jerusalem during the bombardment days, and fought in the “Michmesh” Battalion, which protected the entry-ways  of Jerusalem. Following the War of Independence he continued his military career, until May 31,1975, in different positions, mostly Infantry Corps and administrative positions.

He served as Officer Adjutant of the Sharon Sector and as an Officer of the Central  Command Region ranking Major. After his discharge, he worked as the administrative director of “Abir” beer factory Netanya, and administrative director of the National Healthcare Association Netanya. He was active in the Homeland Security Command  of  Central Region and in Netanya’s Likud branch.

Mordechai is married to Aviva nee Kavelerchik, native of Tel-Aviv. They have a daughter, a son and five grandchildren. Mordechai worked until retiring at 68 and is a pensioner.