Leah was born on September 20,1929 in Jerusalem. Her father Yehoshua descended from a family  residing nine generations in the Old City; her grandfather, teacher/author of study books, editor of calendars –founded the first Girls’ School in the Old City. Mother Rachel  originated from an old Jerusalemite family, with many judges and rabbis.

Leah’s family had three girls. She completed elementary school and afterwards studied at  Zeligsberg High School. During this period, 1946, she joined Lehi. She participated  pasting-up info-bulletins, recruiting new members, and  underwent a First Aid course. Her main activities were in Department Six.

Immediately after finishing High School, July 1947, she was arrested by the British CID because of an informer, and imprisoned at Bethlehem Women’s Prison. After about a month her father bailed her out. She was put under house arrest at night and obliged to report daily at the Machaneh-Yehuda Police Station. These conditions did not allow her to operate fully, so she had to escape her parents’ house and move to Tel-Aviv. Here she began operating under complete underground conditions, especially in Department Six. She also underwent a  light weapons course. In summer of 1948, while most Lehi members were joining the IDF, she returned to Jerusalem using the “Burma Road” and joined  “Dror” Base in Talbiyeh.

After a short while, because of Count Bernadotte’s assassination, she was again arrested – this time by the Israeli Authorities – and  imprisoned, for about two months at the “Sheikh Mounis” Police. Following release, she joined the IDF, served for a year and a half, and was discharged ranking Sergeant.

Leah was married to Yoseph Dar  in February 1951, a former Lehi member as well, whom she’d met during her Department Six activities. The couple had two sons and a daughter. They have six grandchildren. In 1951 she completed full studies at the Insurance Institute, and was licensed to be a registered Insurance Agent. She joined husband Yoseph, and both run their independent insurance agency. As a hobby, she participates in various social science courses at the Open University.